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MaRIHE Master thesis reader e-book 2016


  1. The State of Entrepreneurialism in a Public University in Ethiopia: Status, Challenges and Opportunities;

  2. An Analysis of the Impact of Student Engagement Practices in Higher Education-a Mexican Study;

  3. Widening Access to Refugees: Responses of Austrian Public Universities;

  4. The Relationship Between Institutional Experience Factors and International Student-Persistence at a Public Community College in Washington State;

  5. Defining and Measuring the Relevance of Higher Education in Finland:Promoting Sustainable Employment through Policy Levers;

  6. Developing Government-initiated Cross-border Collaboration in Higher Education in Vietnam: The Example of Vietnamese-German University;

  7. Exploring the Research Experience of Master Students of Dhaka University;

  8. The Road to Successful Mentoring for University Startups: An Investigation of Practices in Finland;

  9. Higher Education Governance Reforms in Europe and Serbia-Recommendations for the Way Forward;

  10. Turkish-German Joint Degree Programs: Institutional Perspectives on Sustainability;

  11. Assessing Student’s Perceptions on Gaining Competences in Innovative Interdisciplinary Education;

  12. “We’re Getting Engaged!”-How Universities are Improving Their Student Engagement Practices and Policies;

  13. Public Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia: A Paradox of Autonomy? “We’re Getting Engaged!”: How Universities are Improving their Student Engagement Practices and Policies;

  14. Investigating the Role of Intermediary Organizations in University Autonomy from Management Perspective: Case Studies in the EHEA;



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